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Online Tutoring
Executive Making a Phone Call



Our Write My Script class runs for approximately 90 minutes via an online class on Zoom.

It is designed to create the perfect phone call script customised to your business needs.

Calling prospects can certainly be daunting, even when you are an experienced consultant. 


Many people know what to say, but sometimes we get stuck for words or a lack of confidence creeps in after the first or second rejection. 


When making a call, you only have your voice and your words to rely on.

Learning how to utilise them properly is the only way to achieve high results. 

This is where having a script with your introduction and a list of the most common rebuttals for overcoming objectives comes to your aid.


You can focus on your vocal presentation and not have to worry about what to say next.  



Anyone who has to:

- Cold call

- Warm call

- Follow-up call 

- Appointment setters


During this class, you will receive a personalised script that covers the topics below.


- How to introduce yourself 

- How to introduce your service/product 

- How to Identify the value and benefits 

- How to explain your solution to their problems 

- Keywords to use

- Key phrases to use 

- Rebuttals for the most common objections you may hear (such as I’m not interested, I don’t have time right now, I have to speak to my partner etc. Plus, any specific objectives specific to your industry)

- How to overcome rude prospects 

- How to overcome inpatient prospects 

- How to overcome being hung up on

- How to improve your  tonality

- Which words to emphasise 

- How to book a follow-up call


These aspects are vital to master, and having a format is essential if you want to succeed over the phone. 


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