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Educating the Self.

Learning is forever essential. Not only for personal growth, but also for brain growth.

Learning should be a continuous practice that we set as a priority as it provides much awareness and development for your mental faculty within both our personal and professional lives.


Below is a list of a few favorite books & lectures I have read and highly recommend on topics such as self-help, mind/brain development and sales training. Enjoy.


DR Joe Despenza

Breaking the habit of being yourself

You are the placebo

Evolve your brain 


MD Maxwell Matlz

Psycho Cybernetics

Dr Joseph Murphy

The power of your subconscious mind 


Dr Candice Pert

Molecules of emotions 

James Allen

As a man thinking

Rewire your anxious brain

Catherine M Pittman & PHD Elizabeth M Karle

 Thomas Troward

The Edinburgh Lectures On Mental Science


 Dr Richard Cruz

Activate your Vagus Nerve

William Walker Atkinson

The secrets of Mind Power

Dale Carnegie

How to win friends and influence people

How to stop worrying & start living 

Brian Tracey

Change your thinking change your life
The Psychology of selling

Time Power

Maximum Achievements

Joe Verde

A Dealers Guide to Recovery & Growth

How to Sell a Car Today

Manage Your Career In Sales

Eckart Tolle

The power of now

MD-PHD David Hawkins

Letting Go

BRAIN SURGEON Reveals How To STOP NEGATIVE THOUGHTS & Reduce Stress | Rahul Jandial - YouTube

Herbert Benson - The Relaxation Revolution: Enhancing Health Through Mind Body Healing - YouTube

Dr Joe Dispenza 2021 - YouTube

Science of Thought | Caroline Leaf | TEDxOaksChristianSchool - YouTube

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