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I met Laura through a friend that highly recommended her services.  “Just contact her bro, she’s a weapon.”  “She’s legit.” “She’s won awards.”  “She’s something special.”  I was hesitant at first, but I really wanted to progress within my industry. 

When I first met Laura I lacked specific sales experience.  Within ten minutes of chatting she picked it straight away, and devised a plan.  Within our first consultation, Laura knew exactly how to address my weaknesses and insecurities.  Before I met Laura I was beginning to have doubts that sales might not be for me.  But after our session, while holding me accountable, Laura showed me that anyone can do sales and prosper. She taught in-depth; regardless of your experience there’s always room for growth.

During our session, regardless of Laura having any knowledge of my industry, she came with a plan to structure my presentation efficiently.  It was almost as if she had been selling within my industry for years.  Her guidance superseded any of the in-house training I was provided within my current place of employment.  The intimate one-on-one session gave me more insight then any book, YouTube video, or podcasts which I had based my progression training from.

Laura is straight to the point, and cuts through to get results.  Her smile and personality is infectious.  I was transformed energetically, and I am looking forward to doing more business with her in the future.  The best investment you can make is in yourself.  Laura showed me how to invest.

Thank you again Laura!


Adam Michor

Sales Consultant


This week our brokers had an opportunity to learn from one of the best professional personal development & sales trainers. Investing back in our broker's professional growth is so important to us.

Thank you, Laura.


Ivan David

Director at Slan Finance


After many years of study & mastering her craft, Laura has a deep understanding of the conscious/subconscious mind, its power and its ability to operate at an optimal level, if we allow it to. I did The Self Raising The Self course which was so very informative, interactive and highly engaging. If you are looking to level up your mindset, calm the mind and gain a brilliant foundation for self-belief, then you need to speak with Laura. She is a true expert in her field and will help transform how you think.


Branko Lemaic
Partner | Auctioneer

Jas Stephens Real Estate


My first session with Laura was a game-changer. The approach she takes to her training is unique as she emphasizes that success in sales all starts from within. Her warm nature immediately breaks down walls which is something that’s needed from a trainer. I would highly recommend her as a mentor not only for car sales but anything sales related. She truly wants the best for you and can pick out the areas that you need to focus on instantly. If you listen to her advice and instructions, you will not only excel in sales but in other areas of your life. She lays down the principles simply yet effectively. Success starts from within, and Laura is someone who will guide you in the right direction. I look forward to being mentored by her.


New Vehicle Consultant


As a business owner, I am always looking to improve my skills and knowledge and have completed many personal development programs over the past several years. 

What Laura teaches is by far one of the best programs I have participated in and if you apply the teachings, it will be transformational in all areas of your life from business, to sales, to overall self-mastery! This program can take you to the next level and has the potential to explode your results. 

A program designed with such accurate detail and understanding of personal development will leave you questioning why you didn’t know about this sooner!

Get ready to quantum leap your results/sales in every aspect of your life!


Kate Carter
Company Director


Taking the Self raising class helped me to create better habits to help achieve more self discipline. I now am able to remain calm even during times of adversity. I learned techniques to direct my mind and to become aware of my subconscious mind. I enjoyed learning about myself and ways to improve my future. Thank you, Laura!




I've have had the pleasure of working with Laura for the past 5 years, and I can honestly say she is not only a good friend of mine, but she is also one of the best salespeople I've ever seen. Her work ethics and motivation have driven her to high achievements month after month. I can most definitely vouch for her professionalism and work ethics.




I just took the self-raising the self & valuable selling class, absolutely essential! The perspective gained from those lessons are invaluable and have to say I can't believe I was selling without this knowledge. Those classes should be a staple for everyone in the industry of selling but more importantly the self-learning class was brilliant for my own personal growth. Very Insightful and enlightening, thank you so much Laura I will be telling my friends and family to sit your class.




 I completed the 2 classes with Laura, and it was a fantastic experience with lots of knowledge. I have gained much from taking the classes. My life has changed after using the techniques and methods in changing the way I think on every level. Not only have I had the opportunity to work with Laura but have learnt a lot from her experience and lessons. I now connect with my customers on a different level and totally a gamer changer. Life changing experience from down to up, low to high vibrations and success in my daily affairs. Thank you so much for the better understanding how to change the way I think, and I am confident now I can succeed in anything I put my mind to. 5-star training! Thank You


New Vehicle Consultant


I was fortunate enough to experience Omni-Rise's Personal Development class and had the most profound session with Laura. Her ability to tap into what we need to elevate ourselves within our personal and professional life was brilliant and an invaluable experience. As an avid Yoga and meditation student, Laura taught me concepts and methods on how to live and approach life as my higher self, break societal habits and have more positive ways of looking at situations that I had never come across. Not only does she teach you the methods, but the techniques to apply them easily within my everyday life that I have done every day since. I highly recommend any session with Laura-Omni-Rise, you will see yourself in a whole new light filled with confidence & empowerment!




I completed the personal development class with Laura, I can honestly say,I was anxious about sitting for 6 hours and learning so much information. I was surprised how easy she made it all for me to understand,even though It was all new information for me.I am super excited to put all my new knowledge into practice and start creating new habits and achieving my goals. Thank you so much Laura for your time and patience with me. Was such a great experience!




Working with Laura has enabled me to execute a set of personal and business objectives that have improved my skills as an entrepreneur and a leader.  She has empowered me to clearly identify the areas on which to focus in order to take my business to the next level. I truly appreciate what Laura has taught me. 


Shelly Lynn Huges

CEO- pursuit 365


Laura thoroughly broke down the steps of a sales appraisal and identified the key moments and points of difference an agent needs in order to stand out from the crown and be the difference. Her ability is explain and demonstrate each part of the appraisal was incredible. A well worth session. 

Michael Loutakis

Real estATE agent 

Melbourne Au

Your class was so informative really good and very productive for me. I’ve learnt few easy tips to keep myself relaxed and how to better concentrate on my goals throughout the day. your learning program was excellent and super easy to follow. 


Thank you Laura. Highly recommend 

Barry Malhan 

Mortgage broker

Victoria Au 

The session I had with Laura impacted me straight away. I started to focus on my goals immediately I have been at practice with the tips that have been provided in my everyday life.

There was a lot of wise lessons in that one single session.  I will definitely have these sessions every few months so that would give me a revision on the things I learned the other day.

I really appreciate you for sharing your expertise and knowledge with me.

Nirav Shethwala

Mortgage broker

Victoria Au

If you've ever had a taste of success but can't seem to find that rhythm again, Laura's Self-mastery coarse is a ton of help.  It covers so much about the mind, but she makes it really easy to understand.  It helped me reframe my outlook on life and rediscover a part of myself that I lost and took for granted. Cheers Laura!


Matthew poi 
sales - Australia outdoor living


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