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About Omni-Rise

Welcome to Omni-Rise.

I provide study classes, lessons, principles and methods for gaining a successful mindset, self-mastery, self-discipline and leadership qualities.

All lessons are held online, live via Zoom, World- wide.

Your freeway to choose your path in life and achieve great success.

Many believe hard work brings success.

The truth is, that success comes as a result of a
state of mind. Our state of mind is formed as a result of the quality of our thoughts,
emotions, beliefs, and behaviours that we hold active within us which are nothing
more than a sequence of memorised patterns where habits are formed.

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My name is Laura Gindac and I have worked within the sales industry for two decades. Providing award wining results, acknowledged and renowned for my work and capabilities.  I am the proud Australian ambassador for Pursuit 365 Business Edition, in charge of selecting entrepreneurs to be featured within the international book series. I also run a Promotional Professional Runway for solopreneurs helping achieve visibility and creditability. Launching my new project - XQ-SLESS -  WELLNESS SUPPORT TRIBE shortly... I am also a qualified  Yoga & Meditation teacher advocating for selfcare and self contemplation. I'm fortunate enough to have been highly successful and produced outstanding results in my career and being what is termed a go-getter at heart I hold a strong passion and desire to continue within these fields. However, I now choose to apply myself from a different perspective; one that enables me to be part of the bigger picture

 I have also worked for one of  Australia's largest marketing company's managing outbound sales. Throughout my experiences, I have gained much maturity and insight, learned many valuable lessons and have absorbed the knowledge from the good and not-so-good times.


I have also invested myself in intensive ongoing study and research on what it takes to be a high-achieving salesperson & leader in human relations and communications. I have structured study classes with numerous subjects on accurate processes that hold specific key principles and methods for those who earnestly desire growth and success.

I look forward to working with you.


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