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Introduction to personal development

In life, we seem to take every opportunity to update our gadgets, cars, homes, clothes, and beauty just to name a few, all to make our life more pleasurable and comfortable. But, do we invest as much time to update our personal qualities?
The most fundamental and continuous update that must be done.

People desire a specific result and seek every way to achieve it. Once attained after a particular pattern of thought, all that remains to discover is the pattern.

All things in life run on a sequence of patterns and as we may not be able to change the universal patterns, we most definitely can change the habitual sequences from within us.

All habits must and will express themselves, so we must learn to replace the habits that are serving us problems with new habits that will serve us benefits.

This is the only way to secure the things we want with ease.

The philosophy behind Omni-Rise is to bring you into the vision of life exactly as you choose it to be. From the lower plains to the higher plains, to a degree of insight where all choices and possibilities are made visible. 

Since the start of time, all inventions first started as a thought and a belief. These two working in harmony as one has been the single causation for all things manmade.

So, if we desire to attain anything in life, we must use these creative centres with accuracy and direction.

Here is where the Omni-Rise study Class transports your state of mind from doubt & confusion into transparency & clarity.

Omni-Rise Study Classes provide a system that gives the ability to understand how to develop intellectually the mental faculty as this is where all things proceed.

To become successful in anything we do we first must contain successful qualities.

I provide carefully curated and specific subjects on how to discover access to choose for yourself new thoughts and beliefs that will widen perspectives to new possibilities that only seemed available to the few.


My teachings will sharpen your mind, supply initiative, and vitality and impress a new understanding of how to choose the positive poles that will lead you to mental freedom. 

Knowledge and clear methods are taught on how to overcome the hurdles that many cross in life such as: turning commonly shared destructive habits into constructive principles; replacing fears, self-doubt, self-criticism, lack of self-discipline, procrastination, unworthiness, self-judgment, laziness, over thinking, with positivity; learning how to transmute and utilize your inner tools to strengthen your will power, focus and imagination; find the ability to regain calmness and poise and to empower your relationships.


Lessons on correct calculated thinking and how to put your mental powers into productive use are provided that will nourish you with the self-confidence, self-belief and self-respect that you deserve.  

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