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Take this survey to find out if you work hard or work effective and efficienT

Hard work is hard!
effective work is purpose-producing result.

Please take time to really think about your answers before you select either option A or B.


Please be as honest as you can to find out whether you are a hard worker or an effective efficient worker!  If you are not sure about the questions you can ask someone who knows you well to help you.


Write your answers down on paper, if you think you have both A & B answers to one question write down the one you mostly do.

1.) When working on a new task do you…
8.) When working on a task do you…
2.) When working on a task do you…
9.) Where do you store all of your information/appointments/reminders…
3.) When working on a task do you…
10.) How would you rate the quality of your working habits…
4.) When you have multiple tasks to attend to do you…
11.) How do you maximize your income…
5.) When faced with a task do you…
12.) When having to attend to a task, do you…
6.) When you have to attend to a task do you…
7.) When you must attend to a task do you…

You may have noticed it's not easy to examine yourself. Great effort!

TellY uP your answers to see whether you have more A’s or B’s

If you have answered a majority of the questions with B.


You may in fact be working more effective and efficient! Having these work virtues can highly increase your ability to successfully complete your goals/tasks in much less time.

This also aids with less time in procrastinating and starting and completing your task whilst still having mental and physical energy.

If you have answered a majority of the questions with an A.


You may be spending your precious time working hard rather than working effectively and efficiently.


Many people have embedded into their mindset that working hard is the only way to reach the goal! And others are working harder than actually required simply due to doing things the less effective way or doing things the hard way!

Working hard simply implies that something is HARD when in fact it doesn’t need to be hard if you can find a more easy route that requires less strenuous mental or physical effort.

There are many reasons not to work hard, such as leaving you feeling mentally emotionally, and physically drained. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed which leads to tiresome.

Truth be told, working towards any task/goal does require a specific amount of work tactics however, what you may not know is that there is a difference between pushing yourself beyond your means and struggling to start or complete tasks and understanding there are many different ways to handle and tackle any given tasks that can and will produce better results with less struggle and effort.

This basic rule for working effectively and efficiently is by securing two main principles.

  1. A proper understanding and knowledge regarding the task

  2. Healthy constructive habits to transport you there with ease.

 Here are my 3 tips to help you start working more effectively and efficiently.

1. Write down your goals/tasks in order of priority. This way you take the load of your memory and clear your mind to have more mental clarity so you can see things in order.


2. Spend some time brainstorming like researching your task to see how others have successfully attained this task. This may give you some fresh new ideas and insight into different ways that can assist you with starting and completing the task in a more efficient way. Take as many notes as possible and then select the ones you will try out and see what works best. Some trial and error may take place before you find the right fit for you.


3. Set out a timeslot system. For example, set a start timeslot, set a break timeslot, and set an end timeslot. These intervals most definitely will help you with staying on track and provide you with a definite structure.  Also giving you time to step away regain focus and refresh yourself. When overworking the mind tends to become sluggish producing stagnation and will result to a lack of focus. So, it’s important to work with structure rather than arbitrary times.


These 3 tips are basic principles of possessing constructive habits.

 If you would like to dive deeper into the process of changing your habits, below is a link to my most popular classes relating to exchanging old habits into new constructive habits.

These classes are performed on one and are a personalized session in private over Zoom.

Express Class- Calculate your Thinking

Express Class- You Can’t Break Bad Habits

*Disclaimer these answers are not to be taken as definite and are only to be used as a guide. Please remember if you are experiencing serious mental health difficulties it is always advised to seek a medical professional.

Please remember if you are experiencing serious mental health difficulties it is always advised to seek a medical professional.


Thank you.

Remember to be kind to yourself & and others.


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