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Calming the Self.

Most of us live busy lifestyles with high-pressure jobs, long working hours, and deadlines to meet, all whilst maintaining a family and household. It can feel overwhelming at the best of times and create stress within our daily lives.

When our mind and body are running in stress mode, we are living our lives in what is termed 'survival mode'. This is where our autonomic nervous system is using the sympathetic nervous system most of the day to live. This system is detrimental to our overall health as it's basically living in constant threat and searching to protect and stay in alert mode and is most definitely being overused.


To maintain a balance or homeostasis within our internal environment we require to activate the opposite system called the parasympathetic nervous system; our calm, rest & digest mode for living.

There are many different ways to bring your body back to the rest state that we can incorporate into our daily lives.

Below I have highlighted some quick, simple techniques and methods that are easily found online that you can do throughout the day to balance out the nervous system. They provide relief and calmness within your mind and body through self-regulating practices - Enjoy.

Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds, Forest Music, Sleep Music, Meditation Music - Bing video

CalmFit - Vagus Nerve - Vagal Nerve Toning Quick Workout - Calm Your Nervous System - Bing video

EFT/ Tapping for a Great start to the day - positive morning routine - YouTube

Breathe to Heal | Max Strom | TEDxCapeMay - YouTube

Parasympathetic Response: Train Your Nervous System to Turn off Stress: Anxiety Skills #11 - YouTube

Parasympathetic Nervous System Activation Breathing - YouTube

day - positive morning routine - YouTube

EFT/ Tapping for a Great start to the day -EFT/ Tapping for a Great start to the day - positive morning routine - YouTube positive morning routine - YouTube

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