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This class is a prerequisite for the Valuable Selling class and runs for approximately 6 hourvia an online class on Zoom.

  This class is not a motivational course nor is it a quick fix - it is a study and practice that will concrete true, long-lasting results

Many of us have dreams and goals that we desire to fulfil however, we keep them on a pedestal and for this reason, they are not in our reach.

We all have a self-image we hold of ourselves in our minds, and this self-image has a value attached to it. If our dreams and goals are placed upon a pedestal the only way to reach them is to raise our self-value equal to the same level – the way, we raise the self-value is by removing our bad habits that stop us from growing.

This process is a mental activity however many try physically and fail.


  The direct purpose of my Omni-Rise study class is to assist and provide guided demonstrations of the realisation that we must first pour the correct ingredients into ourselves via our free will to succeed.


We must choose qualities that are of growth and fill the mind with empowering thoughts. To remove the dead weight from our minds and see our inner truths. This will make space for you to rise and become a leader in achieving your dreams and goals.


Who is this class for?

This class is for anyone who has a serious desire to upgrade their personality and meet life with success.


Success is the attainment of any goal; financial, relationship or personal.


If you’re struggling from:

- Trying to understand why your dreams feel unattainable

-  Finding your purpose in life

-  Procrastination and inability to make decisions 

-  Lack of self-esteem, self-belief or self-confidence  

-  Stepping out of your comfort zone

-  Facing fears & insecurities

-  Lack of self-motivation & inspiration 

For those that want to:

- Increase their social skills

- Step up to the next level in their life or career

- Step into a higher position or role at work

- Find inner peace 


The below subjects begin with bringing awareness to changing the causes of self-destructiveness. This will enable a new and different meaning to life, instead of being subject to our past experiences and our environments. A requirement most are naive to, but most definitely essential for inner growth.


Topics covered:

- How to maintain emotional balance

- How to stop expecting validation & approval from others

- How to raise your own self-value/worth

- How to embody high-quality personality traits

- How to gain self-discipline & self-control

- How to observe your thinking patterns

- How to use calculated thinking 

- How to transmute negative thoughts into positive thoughts

- How to discover your limiting self-beliefs & destructive habits 

- How to develop beneficial habits & beliefs   

- Strengthen your concentration & focus

- Strengthen your willpower

- Utilise your imagination to create the vision 

- How to strengthen your confidence & abilities 

- Replace your fears & insecurities with courage & trust

- How to shift negative situations into opportunities 

- How to maintain calmness & poise 

- Handle resistance to change (exit comfort zone) 

- How to plan your goals 

- Maintain a positive state of mind

- How to choose the person you desire to be

- How to apply the knowledge to a daily method (The Treat Method)


When you decide to take ownership of yourself and learn the lessons of self-discipline, you will have secured self-mastery, mental freedom, inner peace and most of all self-belief. These are the prerequisite qualities that you require and that will give you the reasons and volition to act in your life.


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