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Valuable Selling 

The Way to Success is Via the Law of Service class runs for approximately 5 hours via an online class on Zoom.


Every company has its top achiever. They sell higher levels than everyone else and achieve the target or quoter every month.

We believe this is a great example of a successful salesperson.

My definition of a truly successful salesperson is 'one that has the ability to achieve greater results than their previous months'.


To be satisfied with being on target or “better” than everyone else is not a true demonstration of being successful. Success shows its face when continuous progress is achieved. To only be better than the people around you is merely a race to compete and this draws unhealthy behaviours.

If we are not continuously progressing, then we are not growing. We are not becoming any better than we were yesterday. We are simply looking backwards to make sure we are ahead of others and this mindset will not assist in personal devolvement it only grows the ego.

Over my career, I have worked with many diverse personalities ranging from brilliant and successful salespeople to struggling salespeople, including managers. What differentiates a great salesperson from a poor salesperson is not the level of knowledge or experience or not being the most articulate. It's not being the most professional or well-groomed either. Whilst still important, the highest performers are those that hold a higher level of confidence and self-belief within themselves. Maintain a steady focus on their target, have great leadership qualities and have in place solid consistent habitual daily routines. It’s clear and evident that the mindset, personality traits, habits (routines) and focus are the most fundamental aspects that result in continuous outstanding achievements.

From my experience, I personally understand the mental labour that a salesperson must apply and maintain. And over long periods of time this labour can lead to bad habits, laziness, lack of motivation, cutting corners, prejudging and mental fatigue. This lack of mental and physical performance will lead to poor quality customer service and loss of sales. These consequences usually present themselves when there is a lack of mental clarity, lack of self-discipline, self-motivation and more so a lack of confidence in the ability to believe they can achieve much higher. This thought process naturally produces similar results from the same salesperson over and over.


Omni-Rise Study Class delivers new directions, new perspectives and new methods that will be put into place achieving clear pathways that can be used to gain higher outstanding results in sales growth and in overall workplace ambience. 


Who is this class for?

Managers, experienced salespeople, trainees, finance & aftermarket consultants. It is especially beneficial for those who have been around the yard for years and find themselves stuck in habitual routines and produce the same results without aiming to achieve higher.


 Subjects covered:


- How to maintain the highest attitude toward yourself and others

- How to gain leadership qualities 

- How to set new constructive habits & routines in place

- How to view customers from a new perspective 

- How to lead the sales process 

- How to sell yourself first before the product

- How to create an exceptional experience 

- How to comport yourself with different personalities 

- How to handle difficult customers 

- How to communicate – verbally & nonverbal

- Mirror neurons; behavioural imitations 

- How to use the power of your voice 

- How to create value within yourself 

- How to apply compassion & empathy towards your customers

- Qualifying which questions to ask & when

- How to build a quick solid unity with your customer

- How to stop prejudging 

- Selling polar opposites 

- How to sell features and benefits using Emotional Value Techniques

- How to set goals and targets  

- How to be self-productive throughout the day 

- How to work in harmony with work colleagues

- How to negotiate without desperation & manipulation 

- Overcome common negotiation objectives

- Overcome random objectives

- How to handle lost sales

- How to turn quiet time into opportunities

- How to handle a sales drought

- Handling customer complaints

- How to stop using common excuses when we don’t sell a car

- Workplace competition

- Workplace encouragement  

- How to sell over the phone 

- Conflict & interaction within the workplace 

- How to follow up lost leads 

- Prospecting & generating leads

- Maintaining high CSI results

- How to take time out to refresh & recharge


With the knowledge learned in this personal development class, you can now apply with confidence your new self to the art of valuable selling. 


You’ll learn to replace the tricks of the trade with the Truths of the Trade. Truths that are hidden within the walls can only truly be seen from an outside perspective.

Within this class, you will learn how to work with a constructive attitude, unify quick bonds with your customers, embrace emotional connections, shift objectives into opportunities, connect with diverse personalities and temperaments, create remarkable feel-good experiences for your customers, and produce repeat business. You will learn methods on how to use your time wisely and with purpose and create business from lost opportunities. You'll gain the right mindset to confidently present a process like a true leader. 

You will be working in a harmonious workplace ambience with an environment where you are happy to spend your precious time


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