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Disciplining the Self.

Self-discipline is a combination of mind and body practices. To gain a higher degree of discipline, you can apply techniques and methods that embrace both the mental and physical. These should be practised regularly to achieve more control over oneself.


Two of the world’s most renounced practices for mind and body health are Yoga & Meditation. Practised for thousands of years worldwide, they provide ample benefits from physical strength, balance and flexibility and increased state of mental clarity and peace. When practised on a regular basis, they can improve your overall state of wellbeing and sense of stability. 


You can easily add Yoga & Meditation into your daily routine to create focus, discipline and calmness within your mind and body daily.

Below are some of my favourite and highly recommended short easy practices that are available online for you to watch. Enjoy.

Guided Breathing Meditation With Kim Eng - YouTube

10 Minute Guided Breathing Meditation - YouTube

Meditation For Inner Peace - Yoga With Adriene - YouTube  

Yoga For Beginners | Adaptable Yoga For Exactly How You Feel & What You Need - YouTube

Yoga For Anxiety and Stress - YouTube 

Yoga for neck, shoulders and upper back 15min - YouTube

Full Body Stretch Yoga for Athletes to Boost Recovery - YouTube

Yoga to Calm Your Nerves | Calming Yoga | Yoga with Adriene - YouTube

Quick Morning Movement Routine For Busy People | Breathe and Flow Yoga - YouTube

15 min After Work Yoga - All Levels STRETCH & RELAX Class - YouTube

10 Minute Yoga Full Body Stretch for Tension Relief - YouTube

15 Min Yoga for Your Lunch & Office Break | Breathe and Flow Yoga - YouTube

Do this routine every day after waking up! - YouTube

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