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Find out if you are attracting love or repelling love!

Why is it that some seem to conveniently find love at every venture whilst others struggle and could have better luck finding a needle in a haystack?

Does it really depend on luck? Some believe the axiom, that the more “attractive” we are the more likely we are of finding love. Has this theory any truth or have we been misled?

Could love actually be accessible to everyone? Some believe yes! So then why are so many people desperately searching to find that special connection and can’t seem to find it or keep it? Maybe they are repelling love without even knowing it?

let's find out where you stand on the scale of attracting or repelling love...


Please take time to really think about your answers before you select either option A or B. Please be as honest as you can to find out whether you are attracting love or repelling love.  If you are not sure about the questions you can ask someone who knows you well to help you.


Write your answers down on paper, if you think you have both A & B answerS to one question write down the one you mostly do.

Pink Marble
1.) When you think about love do you ...
2.) When you see other people in love or in a relationship do you...
3.) When you see someone you like do you ...
4.) When you meet someone you are attracted to do you ...
5.) If you go on a date with someone you like do you ...
6.) At the end of a date with someone you like do you ..
7.) When you really like someone and they give you a compliment do you ..
8.) How would you rate your own level of physical attractiveness...

You may have noticed it's not easy to examine yourself. Great effort!

9.) How confident would you be if you were dared to approach a stranger that was really attractive and introduce yourself to them?
10.) You mostly focus on ...
11.) When it comes to love are you.
12.) When you meet someone you like do you....)
13.) When you are in the presence of someone you like do you ...
14.) When you are with someone you like do you ..
15.) When you are with someone you like do you...)
16.) You’ve been out with a person you really like a few times then suddenly they stop contacting you, do you … you are with someone you like do you...)

TellY uP your answers to see whether you have more A’s or B’s

If you have answered mostly A’s

It seems you potentially are an attractor of love. Being self-aware and mostly confident around new people can be daunting however, you can find new love more easily than you think!

Prioritizing your own needs and desires yet still being kind, respectful, and considerate to others is essential for maintaining long relationships.  Having an open mind and feeling love within yourself is what attracts likable people towards you.


Having your own self-worth activated is what radiates from you and that is what attracts the lovers straight to your feet. Appreciating the

romance you see in others will open you up to receive that which your heart desires.

If you answered mostly B’s

It seems you may in fact be repelling love from entering your life. But that’s okay…a lot of the time we can easily get caught in the web of self-doubt and feeling overly needy. Here is the main reason I believe people become repellents.


Seeking validation, seeking confirmation, and seeking unnecessary attachments. We mostly do this to feel safe right? But when we rely on others to make us feel safe, we have this energy that states and smells like desperation, unconfident, and a hunter. All this produces unattractiveness.


When something is unattractive its not due to the physical appearance, its simply due to the energy (VIBE) you’re giving off. We all have experienced a negative vibe from someone and naturally we want to run or simply not be in their presence.  Turn your attention inwards, focus on who you want to be how you want to show up and don’t take a second thought about what they are thinking of you because you should be more concerned about what you think of them! Let this sink in.


Bring your attention to what you are doing in your life focus on the things you want who you want to become and allow yourself to be deserving of that beautiful love you desire. Allow yourself to be open to receive what your heart wants. When you let go of your insecurities you will see that lovers will fall at your feet and you will have the freedom to choose the one you want.

Here are my 3 steps to start being an attractor of love.

  1. Daily make time to focus on your own goals. This may include writing things down and re reading them making appointed times to execute them.

  2. Every time you catch yourself thinking about that person you have a crush on shift your attention and focus back to you and feel yourself up with positive emotions. I know this may be extremely hard but if you persist you will make progress.

  3. Practice being loving to yourself speak love into yourself don’t wait for others to. Watch what happens.


If you would like to dive deeper into the process of changing your love attitude and become more of a love attractor than a love repellent you can have a live one-on-one session with me. Here CALCULATE YOUR THINKING

Also, you can visit both love experts which I highly recommend for more advanced programs.

Oksana Tsimpoaka- Intimacy Mastermind Coach

Joy Nordenstrom -International Love Matchmaker

*Disclaimer these answers are not to be taken as definite and are only to be used as a guide. Please remember if you are experiencing serious mental health difficulties it is always advised to seek a medical professional.

Please remember if you are experiencing serious mental health difficulties it is always advised to seek a medical professional.

Thank you.

Remember to be kind to yourself & and others.


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