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The product or service you are selling is secondary causation -

the primary causation is the advocate.


To me, selling is 'the harmonious combination of one's highest personal qualities expressed and the ability to withdraw customers’ needs. Then we apply the product/service knowledge to the equation'

Buying is an emotional experience and making the experience grand and memorable for your customer will ensure you'll have a successful continuous flow of business. 

Whether you're selling cars, homes or furniture or providing a service, the selling technique is always the same. Most people try to play the manipulation game to achieve the sale and this unrighteous practice may have its quick returns but will soon bring hardship.

True success is gained within your personal traits and qualities. The way you convey and express the information and abstract information, needs, requirements and wants for the consumer is what matters most and how you represent your persona via the amount of service you provide are the fundamental properties that secure results.


The secondary in the selling process is the clear explanation of the product’s uses, functions, benefits, and advantages. This presentation of yourself and the product must be demonstrated in equal value to the price you’re asking in return. These are the basic principles that should be demonstrated with enthusiasm, clarity, and efficiency.

The ability to create a story that gives reason to the purchase with results that deliver conviction and reassurance to the buyer.


Attention to detail via correct qualifications and understanding of how to shift an objective into a solution knowing when to apply comfort to the uncomfortable. The ability to construct a relationship for security and trust. A willingness to build the path to the end goal.


Part II of the class Valuable selling will provide clear and direct methods from arriving to work to the after-sale delivery process. All are outlined and are covered in detail. This ensures accurate results that furnish the whole process. Building a solid structured system and the willingness to provide great service is all it takes to have a successful trade.


Whether a prestigious or budget dealership is at play the same core work ethics, principals, and processes remain the same.

Customers will always pay more for higher quality service-this is a global law.

Psychology and science prove that people give more when they are emotionally involved. They want to be served by people who make them feel special and they say yes to an experience that makes a positive emotional impression. 

Does your company focus on customer satisfaction? 

Are your customers your priority?

If so, put them second on the list.

Your first priority should be the people dealing with your customers as they are the representation of your company.

Your employees are the face of your business, the foundation of everything. Your employees are upholding the company’s reputation. They should be your biggest investment. Allow your employees the best they can be, and they will in turn produce a high return.  When your employees are encouraged, supported and given the resources to work in an environment that cares for their wellbeing, they will work from their heart, not just for the pay cheque at the end of the week. Customer service is of a higher standard and your customers receive what they pay for and more – Service and Value for money.

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