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Relaxing the Self.

Although we all love to relax and unwind, many find excuses as to why we can't find the time to simply take a break. Prioritising time to relax doesn’t have to take long but it's most vital for your general good health and well worth the long-term benefits.


Below I have a list of quick and easy methods you can do in the comfort of your own home that doesn’t require a lot of space and allows you to find a moment to relax. Enjoy.

How to do Progressive Muscle Relaxation - YouTube

(1) Yoga for neck, shoulders and upper back 15min - YouTube

A 6 Minute Mindful Progressive Muscle Relaxation - YouTube

Face Yoga - 6 Exercises To Do At Home - YouTube

(1) Get rid of the Eyebags! - YouTube

(3) 5 Minute Instant Energy Boost - Body Tapping - YouTube

(1) Qigong Anti-aging Face Massage - Daily Massage to Increase Face Glow Naturally - YouTube

(1) Get rid of the Eyebags! - YouTube

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY Massage | 10 Minute Daily Routines - YouTube

5-min Self-Massage for Reducing Stress and Tension - YouTube

Feel fantastic with ear, jaw, and scalp self-massage! - YouTube


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