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Working the Self.

Whether you’re sitting at a desk for hours or on your feet all day, taking time out to take to refresh and recharge doesn’t have to take very long, but a few minutes of rest can make the world of difference to how you feel and how you respond to your clients.

Over time, there has been a massive advancement in workplace employee care. Many well-known, highly successful companies like Google, Yahoo, Nike, & HBO have incorporated mediation rooms or designated small, quiet areas specifically for time to refresh, clear the mind or just to take a quiet breather to maintain focus and restore mental fatigue throughout the day. This leads to higher focus and retention rates and higher quality of work.


I believe especially within high-pressure industries this practice should be made available and taken on board as a necessity for companies to offer such a space and time to help regenerate and combat stressful and overwhelming environments for their employees.

Below is a list of quick and easy methods you can follow to refresh yourself whilst you’re at work. Enjoy.

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21-Day Yoga Breathing Challenge | Science-Based Stress Relief - YouTube

Guided Meditation | 3 Minute Meditation - YouTube 

3 Most Effective Pranayamas - Deep Breathing Exercises - YouTube

5-Minute Alternate Nostril Breathing Meditation | Nadi Shodhana Pranayama - YouTube


5 Minute Seated Stretches to Relieve Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain | Desk and Office Exercise - YouTube

5-Minute Break - Office Yoga - YouTube

Mindful BreathingTechnique - YouTube

5 min YOGA STRETCH AT YOUR DESK | Chair Yoga | No Mat Yoga | Yoga with Uliana - YouTube

2-Minute Guided Meditation to Release Stress - YouTube

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