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Online Tutoring
Online Tutoring

working from home


Our Working From Home - Outbound class runs for approximately 90 minutes via an online class on Zoom.

Working from home has become more popular over the recent years which has many benefits from flexible working hours to more comfort and leisure.


However, it does also bring about some challenges including staying focused, and motivated, managing time effectively & learning how to self-regulate. 


This course allows you to manage the challenges faced and create an efficient working from home environment to achieve your greatest success.



     - Those who work from home over the phone

- Telemarketing

- Outbound selling

 - Cold calling  

- Customer Service Reps  

 - Small online retail business



- How to gain leadership qualities

- How to maintain a successful mindset & attitude

- How to create successful habits

- How to strengthen your will power & determination 

- How to mentally & physically prepare for the day

- How to practice for success

- How to control your voice & breath/calm the nerves

- Tonality, empathy, assertiveness

- Reducing mental & physical fatigue 

- How to emotionally detach from rude/irate customers

- Mirror matching your prospect 

- How to end and start each call

- Gaining confidence & courage 

- How to maintain focus & refreshed 

- How to shift objectives into opportunities 

- Time management & organization

- Handling rejection  

- Prejudging the sale

- Workspace environment  

- Keeping track of targets & goals

- Self-encouragement & self-praise 

- Self-reflection 


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