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XQ-SLESS welcome support TRIBE


Do you struggle with staying consistent and need help creating constructive habits?

If you want the support to achieve your goals, this Support Tribe is for YOU!


As two individuals who personally understand and have experienced how hard it can be to desire
change but not really know where to start or how to continue the progress and remain completely
devoted, we know is not so easily achieved. Well, at least not on your own.


This is the sole purpose and motivation behind why we created this unique Wellness Support Tribe.

This will enable us to provide you with ongoing guidance for you to remain steady and focused to
establish healthy new habits and maintain consistency in your commitment to serving yourself with
achieving the results that you deserve.

This is your exclusive access to us coaching you, offering you all the necessary tools for you to reach and remain at your personal goals. The importance of setting new healthy habits into motion is the KEY to achieving your desired outcome.


We aspire to help you change both mental and physical aspects, and to achieve this, we pull you out of your old ways of doing things and into a new, higher-level mindset so you can Look, Think and Feel Amazing!

Our service will give you 24-hour access to our highly effective and enjoyable platform so you can aspire to achieve your goals. So, this is how we plan to get you there!

To encourage the formation of constructive new habits...

- Encouragement
- Direct methods
- Lessons and Practices
- Tips and Tricks
- Motivation
- Support
- Workout videos
*Please note that the above excludes Sundays.

Although you still have access to the group to encourage personal growth and see visual changes.

- Accountability tracking
- Mind fitness practices
- Body fitness practices

- Questions and Answers
- Affirmations
- Group discussions
- Activities
- Challenges
- Feedback results
- Fun tasks
- Healthy food recipes


- To encourage engagement and ongoing support

- Giveaways
- Discounts on special offers

With great honour, we offer you the experience to join us and become a member of


at the ever most low price of

$2.95AUD per Month!

That right, only $2.95AUD a month will give you access to all our training, mentorship, and support to assist in your mental health, physical health and business health.

Once you become a member, we will provide you with a link where you will instantly join our exclusive group via telegram and start your new venture!






*Subject to Sundays being a complete day for rejuvenation and hope to encourage more technology-free days. Wholesome rest for your mind and body is vital so you can recharge and energize yourself.

Laura Gindac

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I’m Laura Gindac, founder of Omni-Rise Personal Development and Sales Training, proudly the Australian ambassador for Pursuit 365 Business Edition book, an internationally accredited Yoga and Meditation Teacher and now the founder of XQ-SLESS Wellness Support Tribe.

My designed plan within the business is to put in place various channels for people to have access to success tools and establish the necessary skills to achieve their personal wellness goals.

I specifically focus on expanding and utilising the mind, helping develop mental abilities and putting to good use what so many have dormant unused faculties for so many years.


Creating simple yet effective processes to further supplement and expand the mind with knowledge and principles by applying structured methods that, over time, do create and produce good healthy habits, which are undoubtedly the keys that unlock our desired worlds.

My passion, My vision.

Hi, my name is David Goldstein; with over a decade of unwavering dedication to the iron, I've honed my physique and spirit through years of weightlifting, culminating in my journey as a competitive bodybuilder.


My life breathes fitness, and my passion knows no bounds. I've sculpted my own path to strength and aesthetics, and now, my mission is to empower others to embark on their unique fitness odysseys.


As a seasoned athlete and coach, I'm here to share the knowledge, strategies, and motivation needed to conquer your fitness goals.

Whether you're aspiring to sculpt your physique, boost your strength, or simply embrace a healthier lifestyle, I'm your ally on this transformative journey.


Let's work together, break barriers, and forge the best version of you.


David Goldstein

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"My personal trainer, David, has been a game-changer in my fitness journey. He's not only motivated me to get up early for the gym, but he's also taught me about food tracking and better eating habits. Our catch-up calls are invaluable, as David creates a safe environment where I can openly express my feelings and struggles. David isn't just a trainer; he's become a mentor and friend, and I'm grateful for the positive impact he's had on my life". 

Deon Abeysinghe

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